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Chip & Performance Tuning

We are an official Evolve Technik partner

We can provide you with the very best in performance chip tuning

We have partnered up with Evolve Technik as an official dealer to provide the very best chip tuning and engine performance tuning services for your European car.

Are you wanting to get the very best performance from your car? Evolve Technik are experts in tuning and upgrades that help you get the very best performance from your driving machine.

What is Chip Tuning?

Chip Tuning is a software upgrade to your vehicle to help it perform at it's very best

The aim of chip tuning is to tweak your car’s computer software to help your car perform optimally. or those who want to dive deeper. Most cars are not tuned to perform, Evolve Technik, backed with decades of experience, research and know-how can optimise your car’s software so you can take full advantage of your engine’s full performance peak.

How does Chip Tuning work?

Your car's software is tweaked by an expert Tuning specialist

When we Chip Tune a vehicle we extract the current data from the vehicles computer, the data is then sent to our expert Tuner for modification.

Our Tuner modifies the data on a Hexadecimal level, breaking the code into different map tables such as injection timing, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limitations and throttle response just to name a few.

These changes are made to the original software we extracted from your vehicle, we cannot flash software from other vehicles into yours as it will not start.

Once we receive the modified file from our Tuner over night, we then load the software into your vehicle the following day and you go for a test drive.

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